Recipe for the Future Economy

When: Wed, Nov 16 – Thu, Nov 17, 2016
Where: Singapore Expo, Singapore
Admission: SGD 500 [ USD 360 | MYR 1500 ]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

The inaugural Singapore FinTech Festival will bring together a series of events including Hackcelerator Demo Day, Innovation Lab Crawl, FinTech Awards, FinTech Conference, Tech Risk Conference, RegTech Forum, and a grand closing party.

Fintech Conference Topics (selection, abbreviated titles, only one panelist shown):
  • Connecting Fintech - Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer, MAS
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del: Fintech Reboot - Bob Lord, Chief Digital Officer, IBM
  • Authentication & Sensors - Ken Hanazawa, Behavioural Analytics, NEC
  • A Cash-Free World - Eric Jing, President, Ant Financial
  • Recipe for the Future Economy - Suresh Kumar, CIO, Bank of New York Mellon
  • Cloud Security & Scale - Jeffrey DiMuro, Chief Security Architect, Salesforce
  • Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers - Tim Grant, CEO, R3 Lab and Research
  • The Fintech Iron Throne - Prof Eugene Kandel, CEO, Startup Nation Central

Hackcelerator Demo Day Presenters (selection)
  • Paygilant - Fraud detection at the user's device, not by the back office
  • AgriLedger - 50% of crop value vanishes between harvest and point of sale
  • Huddlestock - Hedgefund for the masses
  • Identitii - Add information to payments vs anonymous cash
  • Tikkr - Short duration, on-demand insurance [top image]
  • FitSense - Use smartphone data to create insurance products
  • CapPref - Financial profiling by asking questions, not mining data
  • Tradle - Update your blockchain by sending images from your phone
  • FlowCast - Credit risk scoring thru real time analysis, not legacy data
  • t0 - Trade and settlement (buying, delivery & payment) in one go
  • HiHedge - Use robots (AI) to trade against humans and other robots