Elevator Pitch, Literally

One minute pitch going up the Eiffel Tower by Redtree Robotics, 2015.

When: Thu, October 13, 4:30pm–10pm, 2016
Where: Sky100, ICC, Hong Kong
Admission: HKD 500 [ USD 65 includes admission to Sky100 and unlimited F&B]
Info: Event | Brochure | AgendaAttend | Venue | Outside | Inside

[The Elevator World Tour Hong Kong 2016]  The Elevator World Tour™ takes place in the world’s most impressive elevators, in innovative start-up cities. In each city, 100 start-ups compete for the chance to win an investment of up to $100,000.

Since 2013, the Tour has been running in CN Tower in Toronto, Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv and Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Hong Kong tour, the first of its kind in [East] Asia, is organised by Hong Kong Science Park (HKSTP) and La Fondation du Startup de Montreal (Startupfest) in Hong Kong’s tallest building, the ICC.

The elevator pitch competition came from the notion that it shouldn't take longer than the time needed for an elevator ride to communicate the important elements of one's business. [It takes 60 seconds for the elevator to ascend the 100 stories of ICC.]

Pick of Participating Startups
  • Heartisans - A watch that has an electrocardiogram, blood pressure monitor
  • Heycoins - An ATM that accepts coins
  • FormAndShape - Platform for designers with no startup capital
  • CathayPhotonics - Make surfaces harder by applying a nano-layer of sapphire
  • ShopLovers - Shoppers & designers collaborate for new fashion designs
  • Streamphony - Mobile TV service using nextgen streaming tech
  • AddWeUp - Foreign currency exchange kiosk
  • Eoniq - A custom made watch that buyers custom design themselves
  • DartsConnect - A darts game that is both online and offline
  • IKnewIt - Make football predictions social [vs gambling]
  • LesCabinets - Make public bathroom experiences "less misérable"
  • Medoxo - Medical robotic glove
  • Mindset - Headphones that also monitor your brain activity
  • Nosh - Virtual restaurant [central kitchen, uses food delivery startups]
  • Novus - Environmentally friendly alternative to ocean polluting micro-beads
  • MyWebSpot - WiFi dongle that allows internet access in over 100 countries
  • Nicole's - Jams, sauces and teas
  • NeoMechanics - A better seal for engines and machinery
  • Pakpobox - Smart-lockers that has signed up HongkongPost and SingPost
  • Pokeguide - Waze for public transport users and pedestrians
  • PolyDigi - Patent pending SIM-card based 2F authentication
  • Retraction - Improved surgical tool for pin-hole surgery
  • Skipmenu - Convert pesky voice menus "press 1 for..." into visual menus
  • R-Guardian - Turn ordinary products into smart products
  • Sonikure - Deliver drugs into the eye without needles using ultrasound