Inclusive Innovation Challenge

When: Wed, October 26, 9am – Thu, October 27, 5pm, 2016
Where: TH Convention Centre, Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia
Admission: Free
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[ Cabaran Inovasi Inklusif 2016 ] The Malaysian Innovation Foundation (YIM)'s subsidiary YIM Technology Resources (YTR) is tasked to implement the High Impact Program 6: Inclusive Innovation (HIP 6) under the SME Masterplan. As part of this program, YTR is organizing the Inclusive Innovation Challenge 2016 to provide an opportunity for Malaysians to be recognized for creative and innovative ideas in inclusive innovation. The competition will be held Malaysia-wide (registration):
  • Oct  26-27  North (Kedah, Penang, Perak, Perlis)
  • Nov 23-24  East Coast (Kelantan, Pahang, Terengganu)
  • Nov 29-30  Central & South (GreaterKL, [Johor], Melaka, N9, Selangor)
  • Dec 21-22  East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan)

YIM Inclusive Innovation
Tinkerer/grassroots/rural innovations from a documentary series by YIM:
  • Propeller - Alternative to expensive imported propellers (Selangor)
  • Angel Hook - A new kind of drip stand (Perlis)
  • GerabakAirHitam - Low cost harvest transporter (Johor)
  • MiniDrum - A drum set that is easy to carry, transport and setup (Sabah)
  • SatayPort - Automated, smokeless satay grill (Johor)
  • Neera Café - A faster way to harvest palm syrup (Perlis)
  • Wau Lipat - Foldable big kites for easier transport (Kedah)
  • Taj's 3D Scrabble - 3D Scrabble for learning chemistry (Selangor)
  • SosCharKueyTeow - Cook delicious CKT even if you are unskilled (Melaka)
  • NaviSense - Ultrasonic navigation for the visually impaired (Selangor)
  • SpinningTop - Nylon replacement for traditional wooden top (Pahang)
  • X-Ray Kompang - Drum made from recycled x-ray films (Melaka)
  • Mikro Hidro - Rural micro hydroelectricity (Sabah)

MIT Inclusive Innovation
MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy Inclusive Innovation Competition 2016 winners:
  • Humans + Machines: use technology to augment human labor
    99° - Sew-free apparel manufacturing that pays workers well 
  • Skills: re-skill employees and people for new types of jobs
    YearUp - Go from young-adult poverty to professional careers in one year
  • Matching: connect people to new types of jobs
    Laboratoria - We look for coding talent where no one else is looking
  • New Modelsbusiness models that revolutionize markets & opportunities
  • Iora - Healthcare that gets paid when you are healthy, not when you are sick