Conference on Disruptive Technologies

When: Fri, October 7, 9am – 8pm, 2016
Where: Cyberport 3, Telegraph Bay, Hong Kong
Admission: Free [Estimated]
Info: Event | Agenda | Attend | Venue

[The Future of Innovation: Conference on Disruptive Technologies] The conference focuses on the successful adoption of cutting edge technologies in the development of futuristic innovations. From panel discussions to fireside chats, keynote addresses to a pitching competition Topics include:
  • When Robotics Meets Artificial Intelligence - Wei Qi, CTO, Ehang
  • Mobile Infinity - Howie Huang, Head of Technology, GWC
  • Bionics [as in Six Million Dollar Man] - Homayoon Kazerooni, Founder, suitX
  • Virtual Reality Now and Future - Steve Raymond, President, 8i
  • The Innovation Frontier inside VCs - lan Chan, Managing Partner, Vectr
  • From Formula E racing to Building Electric Cars - William Li, Chairman, NextEV
  • Artificial Intelligence Changes Everything - Qiang Yang, Professor, HKUST
  • Fireside chat with HK Startups - Dmitry Solodovnikov, Founder, LT Render 
[Video below: Starting up the 'old school' way by Ehang.]