Innovation Summit: Smart and Safe Cities

When: Thu, September 22, 9am – Fri, September 23, 6pm, 2016
Where: Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong
Admission: HKD 500 [ USD 65 ]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

[ APAC Innovation Summit 2016 ] Riding on the success of the past 11 years, this flagship event of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) plays an important role in knowledge transfer and business matching, bringing together a world cast of leading experts including academia, decision makers and thought leaders to exchange insights on the latest technology trends.

Conference topics include:
  • A City Data Market - Andrew Collinge, Greater London Authority 
  • Data Infrastructure Can Make Your City Smart - Larissa Romualdo-Suzuki, GLA
  • Future Smart Cities: Experience of Sweden - Olga Kordas , KTH
  • Kashiwano-no-ha: Japan's Smart City - Akihiko Tobe, Hitachi
  • The 100% Electric, Autonomous, Driverless Shuttle - Henri Coron, Navya [top]
  • 5G for Smart City Solutions Development - Paul Berriman, HKT 

Innovation presentations include:
  • eSpot - Light bulbs that can also do IoT, motion and environmental sensing
  • Euclideon - Scan an entire city in 3D for transportation, GIS etc
  • XYZrobot - No more "out of stock" retail service personnel
  • OSSS - Smart lock that does not require Bluetooth, WiFi or NFC
  • VGSmartGlass - Patented, lower cost smartglass that requires no electricity
  • IOE - Harvest energy from sun, thermal and even radio frequencies
  • R-Guardian - Security tag that is anti-lost, anti-counterfeit, comes with CRM
  • MeshInfinity - Mesh network for Safe City video surveillance 
  • MOPeasy - EV car sharing
  • PolyU - IoT smart parking system
  • Sterela - Weigh a vehicle (eg. overloaded lorry) that is in motion
  • SmartCable - Turn electric cables into temp sensors using Raman scattering