Tech Talk: Self-Driving Cars

When: Tue, August 2, 7pm – 10pm, 2016
Where: Skyscanner, Robinson Point, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

[CodingGirls Tech Talk: Self-Driving Cars] Autonomous cars are no longer a futuristic idea as experts predict 10 million self-driving cars on the road by 2020. Join us for an engaging evening where we hear from Dr Frazzoli Emilio, CTO and Co-founder of nuTonomy, and Tichakorn Wongpiromsarn, Principal Research Scientist, as they give an introduction of nuTonomy's software development for autonomous passenger vehicles that is tested here in Singapore with a target introduction in 2018.

Spun out of MIT robotics research in 2013, nuTonomy is an autonomous vehicle startup backed by Ford Motor Co. Chairman Bill Ford and has raised more than USD 16 million in funding. The technology for autonomous cars is still too costly for ordinary consumers but the equation changes when it is a robotic taxi with the cost of a driver factored out.

Sample Future Mobility Projects
  • nuTonomy - World's first fully autonomous taxi service [video below]
  • Farady Future - Tesla rival backed by Apple and LeEco
  • Uber - Uber's own self-driving fleet
  • Waze - Waze's carpooling service
  • GM & Lyft - Self driving Chevrolet Bolt electric taxis
  • Google - Google's built from ground up self-driving car
  • Olli - 3D printed, self-driving minibus
  • WeChat & Foxconn - Premium electric cars
  • Norway - Ban on gas/petrol powered cars by 2025
  • Riide - Electric bicycle with maintenance, insurance and lease-buy
  • Ather - Bangalore's app configurable electric scooter
  • EuroVelo - Europe's high quality cycling network
  • Hyperloop - Semi vacuum high speed travel
  • Otto - Self and assisted driving trucks 
  • Mercedes-Benz - Self-driving bus
  • CRRC - Quick-charge, supercapacitor tram 
  • EasyMile - Driverless shuttle: metro, bus or on-demand
  • Uber - Uber acquires Otto
  • Pittsburg - Uber rolls out beta self driving taxis 
  • Sweden - Electric highway New
  • NavyaArma - French autonomous shuttle  New