Malaysia Edges China to Win Gold...In Robotics

When: Sun, August 21, 9am – 5pm, 2016
Where: Huamark Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue

In the recently completed Robocon2016, Malaysia's UTM edged China's Northeastern University in the final to win the Grand Prix. The rules of the game were:
  • Use of two robots: a bigger robot and a smaller robot. The smaller robot carries a payload.
  • The bigger robot propels the smaller robot through a meandering and undulating course - without touching the smaller robot, using air stream etc.
  • At the end of the course, the bigger robot takes the payload, a propeller, from the smaller robot, climbs a post and attaches the propeller to the top.
  • The winner is the first to attach, without dropping the propeller.
The video of the final match is embedded below [click More Details].

Notes: The full tournament video is 7 hours long. The final, as the the above embedded video is set to show, is from 6:03:23 to 6:05:42. The first 60 seconds is setup. MY is on the left in red, CN on the right in blue. This post is a carry on from the previous post on a robotic camera and the recent Olympiad where CN edged MY in two badminton finals. The robotic camera uses AI and sensors, the tandem robots probably used route memorization or tracked guidance; the skill was in the mechanics, but good amateur effort.