InsurTech: Corporate-Startup Collaboration

When: Wed, August 17, 6:00pm – 8:30pm, 2016
Where: Mettā, California Tower, Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

Join us and be part of InsurTechAsia's rapidly growing community across Asia. We believe in the power of collaboration. Hence we are connecting the best, the most passionate and the brightest to be part of Insurtech Asia through regular discussions, moonshot challenges, meetups, events and workshops. Presenters include:
  • Coherent - Risk modelling and reporting
  • Simple - Automatic alert after fall, no need to push button [for old folks]
  • Apvera - Internal network security
  • DragonLaw - Do law online today

[InsurTech startup peek: Global Insurance Accelerator:
  • IssacRe - Capital markets for insurance risks
  • SmartDrivInc - Stops you from driving while texting (or Pokémon-ing)
  • Telematic - SaaS auto insurance modelling based on behaviour, lifestyle etc
  • DriveSpotter - Real time video analytics of fleet drivers
  • Pablow - À la carte instead of whole buffet travel insurance
  • WeSavvy - Get rewarded (lower premiums etc) by exercising
  • InsuranceSocialMedia - Social media for insurance]