Ad Fraud: Digital Era's Biggest Con

When: Wed, August 17, 9:30am – 12:00pm, 2016
Where: The Bee, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 280
Info: Registration | Venue

AdFraid? You should be! Join MAA and WFA [WFA members include Adidas, AirAsia, CocaCola, Daimler, Emirates, EstéeLauder, Ikea, Intel, KimberlyClark, Mastercard, Nestlé, Toyota and Visa] , in patnership with AirAsia, Shopper360, Innity, SinChew and TheStar, for this critical session to understand all about Ad Fraud and how you can protect your marketing investment against this threat. [The post title is the event name.] Topics:
  • Ad Fraud: Multi-Faceted and Criminal - Ranji David, Marketing Director, WFA
  • How to Identify the Problems - Tai Morsheed, Director, TubeMogul
  • Viewability, Fraud and Brand Safety - Niall Hogan, Managing Director, IAS
  • How can Brands Protect Their Media Investment - Leela Nair, MD, Ebiquity
Ad Fraud may include:
  • Search ad fraud - Fake websites which look real to advertisers
  • Affiliate ad fraud - Use of bots to drive affiliate commissions
  • Ad stacking - Multiple ads on one page to drive impressions
  • Pixel stuffing - Ads that are just a pixel but which count as impressions
  • Traffic fraud - Publishers buy fake traffic
  • Click farms - Fraudulent clicks or form-filing by 'work-from-home' humans
  • Botnets - Fraudulent clicks or form-filing by networks of bots
  • Interlacing - Ads placed near content to encourage mistaken clicks/swipes
  • Bait & switch - Clicking/tapping on content leads to an ad
  • Outbid - High bid prices driven by shady businesses with high margins
  • Hostile territory - Ads shown on sites incongruent with brand image
  • Wrong neighbours - Ads shown alongside those from incompatible brands

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