Y Combinator Demo Day 2016

When: Mon, Aug 22, 1pm – Tue, Aug 23, 5pm
Where: Computer History Museum, California
Admission: Free [by invitation]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

Twice a year, Y Combinator’s latest batch of startups present to a specially invited set of people. You must be an accredited investor under SEC rules to attend. Pick of YC Startups @ Demo Day Winter/March 2016 [ie the previous batch, source: TC1TC2]:
  • Acre - Zero energy homes
  • Loop Genomics - Read and fix DNA 
  • OSV Vehicle - Open source electric car platform
  • QueueHop - RFID apparel tag for self-checkout and security
  • MI Guitar - A guitar you can learn to play in minutes
  • Nova - Data science personalised email 
  • FlexReceipts - Replace paper receipts with emailed receipts
  • MeterFeeder - Smartphone parking meters
  • VardenLabs - Machines that drive themselves
  • Castle - Lock out a user if he or she behaves abnormally [ie a hacker]
  • Talkies - A child's soft toy that is also a restricted phone and messenger
  • Boom - Leave NY 6am, arrive UK 1pm; leave UK 9pm, arrive NY 6pm 
  • Emburse - Create virtual and physical credit cards with spending limits
  • Lygos - Engineer microbes to convert sugar into industrial chemicals
  • Unima - Medical diagnosis using biomakers and smartphones
  • Perlstein Lab - Accelerate drug discovery for rare diseases [image]