Intersection: SmartCity IoT LoRaWAN

When: Fri, August 5, 7pm – Sun, August 7, 5pm
Where: Cyberview, Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 150 [for a team of 3]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

JomHack: Smart Cities with LoRa, is a 24 hour IoT hackathon organized in collaboration with MDeC, Cyberview and The Things Network. The purpose of this hackathon is to enable participants to develop usable IoT solutions based on LoRa technology, which can be adopted, and implemented by Smart Cities. [LoRa is a type of wireless network designed to allow long range, low bandwidth communications among IoT objects. The network does not require a third party operator like a telco. Update: Not an independent mesh, it requires a third party at metro scale where LoRa is an alternative to 3G, 4G. Some examples of possible intersections of SmartCity, IoT and LoRa:]

New York: Urban-X Smart City Accelerator Info

Amsterdam: Smart City and Living Info
  • Cabture - Contextual advertising via tablets inside taxis
  • Canard - Aircraft, airport and industrial inspection using drones
  • DeVinderij - Students give care to the elderly [the living part]
  • MyStay - Hotel reception service via an app
  • ParkEagle - Find the nearest empty parking lots
  • Quicargo - Monetise the spare empty space in trucks
  • Twingz - Smart energy management

Slovenia: Smart City, Living and Health Info
  • Facility - Hotel service at a click/swipe
  • Symvaro - Smartphone meter reading
  • Moveo - Outdoor interactive playground
  • FoodPlus - Marketplace for surplus food
  • VisMedic - Visit the best doctors online
  • ZetaDrive - Driving simulator for driver testing, evaluation, profiling
  • Homey - Get family members to do their chores!

UnitedStates: Smart City IoT Info
  • BestMile - Beyond autonomous vehicles: a network of such vehicles
  • ArrayOfThings - Lamp post municipal data collection
  • Bitlock - Run your own bike sharing using smart locks
  • Placemeter - Turns video into meaningful data [eg. spot long queues]
  • SmartCitizen - Citizen environmental monitoring