Global Fintech Accelerator

When: Sun, July 31, 9am – 6pm, 2016 [due date]
Where: Online, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Accelerator | Application

Be part of the inaugural Global FinTech Hackcelerator. We have solicited and published 100 technology problem statements from the financial industry for global teams to submit solutions. Up to 20 teams will be selected to join the 10-week Global FinTech Hackcelerator and present their solutions in Singapore on 15th November 2016 at the Singapore FinTech FestivalGet unparalleled industry access during a 10-week virtual program where you will be matched with technology industry experts and global investors/buyers from the financial industry.

Sample of problem statements:
  • Digital authentication of notary documents
  • Authentication that is not reliant on passwords or tokens
  • Anti money laundering as a software service
  • Submit official applications without the need for paper documents
  • Anti fraud machine learning 
  • Standardisation of banking APIs
  • Rules based transaction scanning for regulatory compliance & reporting
  • Identify systems which can be block chained
  • End-to-end insurance dashboard for consumer
  • Pay-as-how-you-live insurance
  • Smart insurance eg, vehicle insurance based on when and how you drive
  • Dynamic insurance pricing models
  • New insurance for the new insurables: drones, autonomous vehicles etc
  • Insurance policies that can be read and understood by ordinary people 
  • Credit rate small businesses that do not have audited accounts.
  • Banking for the unbanked
  • Cross check the information you read online
  • Help first time home buyers navigate the developer maze
  • Aggregate rewards from multiple loyalty schemes
  • Forced or incentivized savings
  • Provide instant GST refunds for foreign shoppers
  • New type of lean bank for new economy marketplaces 
  • Aggregate IoT micro transactions
  • Digital cheques
  • Cashless micropayment systems
  • Automatic investment portfolio advisory or recommendation 
  • Improve interbank settlements using blockchain
  • Lower unit trust commissions by making them transparent
  • Many other esoteric problem statements

Check the above against this recent list of top ten New York Fintech startups:
  • CFX - Secondary market for alternative investments [a double secondary]
  • Factury - Blockchain based loan system
  • Kyper - Data as a service
  • Lawnmover - Auto micro invest in blockchain assets
  • RepreZen - API design workbench
  • RoboBanker - Recommend best-fit banking products to customers [image]
  • Seal - Replace verbal and informal agreements with digital ones
  • The System - 76% live paycheck-to-paycheck: from debt to invest
  • Token - Create a secure alter ego for your credit card
  • VisualizeWealth - Visualize your portfolio, risks, wealth

[Notes: 1. The post image of Robo-Banker is for illustration only. 2. As shown by the Problem Statements, Fintech is much more than blockchain and crypto-currencies.]