FinTech Singapore Demo Day 2016

When: Thu, July 14, 1:30pm – 7:00pm, 2016
Where: Gardens By The Bay, Singapore
Admission: Free [financial industry only]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

We are delighted to present the 10 startups of the Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore accelerator! The startups have gone through a rigorous 88 days, challenging and shaping their businesses. They are now ready to debut their ventures. This event gives you the opportunity to hear the startups pitch and engage with them directly.

The Class of 2016
  • Banhji - Free accounting system for ASEAN (SG)
  • Boundlss - Wearables to monitor and improve health for members (AU)
  • Cefy - Bank statements + ecommerce history + phone usage = credit score (IN)
  • Connaizen - Allow banks to offer non-financial products (IN)
  • CurrenSeek - Find the best exchange rates (MY)  [image]
  • Hektor - Automatically save for a rainy day based on rules you set (SG) 
  • HiHedge - Investment tips via machine learning & genetic algorithms (TW)
  • PolicyPal - Digital insurance folder (SG)
  • SetScope - 80% of the stocks we identified outperform the market (TH)
  • SuperText - Intelligent system for choosing gifts, groceries, technicians (IN)
CurrenSeek seems to be a moneychanger platform at the server side. SetScope's claim of 80% is reported verbatim.

The Class of 2015 [reloaded, not officially part of this event]
  • BankGuard - Replace a credit card's 4 digit code with dynamic icons (JP)
  • CreditSeva - Online dashboard for your credit score (IN)
  • DragonWealth - Apps for financial advisors and investors (SG)
  • Kashmi - Pay anyone who has a phone number or email (SG)
  • KyePot - Group savings and lending (SG)
  • OneBit - Bitcoin wallet which also stores currency and loyalty points (SG)
  • OpenTradeDocs - Augment financial documentation with blockchain (SG)
  • Otonomos - Company formation which is based on blockchain (SG)
  • Shereit - White label social network for traders (IN)
  • SkolaFund - Match undergrads with funders (MY)
  • ToastMe - Send money to Philippines via an app (SG)
Many of the SG startups in the class of 2015 have foreign origins but launched their businesses in Singapore.