Asian AI Accelerator

When: Thu, July 28, 6pm – 8pm
Where: MaGIC, Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Info: Attend | Venue

Find out about more about, Asia’s first accelerator for AI startups. Learn about’s program and mission to make Asia a leader in AI technology. You can also meet other startups and entrepreneurs. Speaker Tak Lo is Founding Partner for (Hong Kong) and was previously a Director of Techstars London, a global accelerator program. The team includes luminaries from Techstars, Skype, DigitalOcean, 500Startups, and has helped:
  • Rainbird - Cognitive reasoning platform: less artificial, more intelligent
  • Geometric - Artificial intelligence that emulates children's thinking
  • Seldon - Machine intelligence platform with plug-n-play algorithms
  • Aire - A credit score that you maintain, not a third party
  • Fluenty - Artificial Wit (to augment chat bots, voice navigation etc)
  • Mapillary - OpenStreetMap, mapping, geospatial and GIS
  • DueDil - Uncover business opportunities using multiple data points
  • JudeDeck - Generate unique music for your videos
  • Summly - Mobile news summaries using AI and NLP
  • Vuno - Put medical data to work using deep learning
  • Vicarious - Visual recognition and parsing which require less training data
  • Lingvist - Learn a language by learning statistically relevant phrases first