Pitch Weekend: Robot That Fights Like You

When: Thu, June 16, 6:30pm – 9:00pm, 2016
Where: CoCoon, Citicorp Centre, Hong Kong
Admission: HKD 150 [ USD 20 | MYR 77 ]
Info: Attend | Venue

CoCoonPitch enables entrepreneurs to present their products or services to a variety of audience and seek potential investors, co-founders, team members, customers, corporate partners or publicity. Pitch teams:

Also: Fitness Friday [Cocoon HK, Friday 6:45pm]
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  • Sporting Republic - Maximizing participation through mutual goals

Also: Chill or Grill [Cyberjaya MY,  Friday 5:30pm]
  • MyDitto - 'Activity partner' on demand
  • Pipit - Mini model satellite for teaching
  • Go Coach - Coaching lessons by certified coaches
  • Halal Navi - Find the best halal restaurants in Japan