Euro 2016 Schedule

When: Sun, June 10 – July 10, 2016
Where: Stade de France, France + Others
Info: Event | Venue | Outside | Inside

Seedings and a single continent resulted in no particularly mouth watering match-ups during the preliminary matches. Highlighted are England matches for EPL fans, and a few other select matches [GMT+8 time: HK MY SG]

Round of 16
Fri    25-Jun 21:00  Switzerland vs Poland
Fri    25-Jun 23:55  Wales vs N Ireland
Sat   26-Jun 03:00  Croatia vs Portugal
Sat   26-Jun 21:00  France vs Ireland
Sat   26-Jun 23:55  Germany vs Slovakia
Sun  27-Jun 03:00  Hungary vs Belgium
Sun  27-Jun 23:55  Italy vs Spain
Mon 27-Jun 03:00  England vs Iceland

Group Stage
Sat   11-Jun 03:00  France vs Romania
Sat   11-Jun 21:00  Albania vs Switzerland
Sat   12-Jun 00:00  Wales vs Slovakia
Sun  12-Jun 03:00  England vs Russia  
Sun  12-Jun 21:00  Turkey vs Croatia
Mon 13-Jun 00:00  Poland vs N Ireland
Mon 13-Jun 03:00  Germany vs Ukraine
Mon 13-Jun 21:00  Spain vs Czech
Tue  14-Jun 00:00  Italy vs Belgium
Tue  14-Jun 03:00  Sweden vs Ireland
Wed 15-Jun 00:00  Austria vs Hungary
Wed 15-Jun 03:00  Portugal vs Iceland
Thu  16-Jun 21:00  England vs Wales  
Thu  16-Jun 00:00  Romania vs Switzerland
Thu  16-Jun 03:00  France vs Albania
Thu  16-Jun 21:00  Slovakia vs Russia  
Fri    17-Jun 00:00  Ukraine vs N Ireland
Fri    17-Jun 03:00  Germany vs Poland  
Fri    17-Jun 21:00  Italy vs Sweden  
Sat   18-Jun 00:00  Czech vs Croatia
Sat   18-Jun 03:00  Turkey vs Spain  
Sat   18-Jun 21:00  Belgium vs Ireland
Sun  19-Jun 00:00  Iceland vs Hungary
Sun  19-Jun 03:00  Portugal vs Austria
Mon 20-Jun 03:00  France vs Switzerland
Mon 20-Jun 03:00  Romania vs Albania
Tue  21-Jun 03:00  Russia vs Wales
Tue  21-Jun 03:00  England vs Slovakia  
Wed 22-Jun 00:00  Ukraine vs Poland
Wed 22-Jun 00:00  Germany vs N Ireland
Wed 22-Jun 03:00  Czech vs Turkey
Wed 22-Jun 03:00  Spain vs Croatia

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