HK: Springtime Makers Meetup

When: Thu, May 5, 6pm – 9pm, 2016
Where: The MakerHive, Smithfield Road, Kennedy, Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue | Outside | Inside

[Meet The Makers Spring '16] Meet the Makers is a free platform for Hong Kong’s designer and maker community to get to know prospective clientele, engage with fans and meet fellow makers in this evening event which is part retail exhibition and part marketplace. Exhibitors include:
  • Mono - Eyewear printed to fit your face
  • Soundbrenner - Smart vibrating metronome [music timer]
  • Aumeo - Audio device tailored to aural sensitivity
  • AirButton - Add extra buttons to your smartphone
  • AmbiLite - LED mood lighting
  • KookiiB - Ethical beauty products
  • Ozmo - Manage your water & coffee intake
  • SoundOff - Silent disco party
  • Tintell - Wearable mobile phone for kids
  • Brompton - Foldable bicycle
  • WewaLab - DIY 3D printing [top image]