FinTech: Wealth Hackathon

When: Fri, May 13, 6pm – Sun, May 15, 6pm
Where: RHB, Jalan Institusi, Bangi, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

[FinTechathon: Hacking the Wealth Management Industry] By the end of this decade, millennials (approximately aged 15-29 now) will represent the largest ‘adult’ group, and nearly two thirds of the world’s millennials are in Asia. They are less financially savvy, more sceptical of financial advisors and consume ‘digitally’. This poses a challenge to banks and traditional financial advisors to adapt to this new customer profile. Hackathon challenges:
  • How to improve user acquisition and retention?
  • How to predictively offer customised wealth propositions?
  • How to encourage millennials to save and grow their wealth?
[Sample wealth management startups:
  • 8securities - Mobile, simple, fast and free HK and US stock trading
  • iBillionaire - Trade using the strategies of your favourite billionaire
  • Gradible - Student loan refinancing and consolidation 
  • FirstStep - Invest your loose change
  • Cashboard - Open a German bank account]

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