FinnovAsia 2016

When: Mon, May 30, 8am – 11pm, 2016
Where: Cyberport, Hong Kong
Admission: USD 299+
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

FinnovAsia Hong Kong 2016 aims to merge "geeky-funky" startup event with "gentlemen's club” banking conference to create a unique chemistry between Fintech entrepreneurs, investors, bankers and governments. No sales pitches, no PR blah-blah, no hidden agenda, no politics, no discrimination, everyone is VIP. Topics include:
  • Different is Better than Better in Fintech - Huy Nguyen Trieu, Oxford Said
  • Challenger Banks: the Game Changers - Chris Gledhill, CEO, Secco Bank
  • Banks and Startups: Marriage or Affair? - Simon Dixon, CEO, BnkToTheFuture
  • FinTech: From Silicon Valley to China - Soul Htite, CEO, Dianrong
  • What Is the Next Big Thing? - Paolo Sironi, Wealth Management, IBM
  • Regulation vs Innovation - Peter Guy, Editor-in-Chief, Regulation Asia
  • The Future of Alternative Finance in Asia - Arnaud Ventura, CEO, Microcred
  • Building Sustainable FinTech Ecosystems -Susanne Chishti, CEO, FinTechCircle
  • Blockchain is Coming - Vitalik Buterin, Inventor, Ethereum
  • Robo Advisors and AI: Digital Disruptors - Mikaal Abdulla, CEO, 8 Securities
  • Insurance 2.0 - Hugh Terry, Editor. The Digital Insurer
  • The Growth of RegTech - Peter Stephens, CTO, UBS AG