BlockFin Asia 2016

When: Wed, June 15, 9am – Thu, June 16, 5pm
Where: Duxton Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City
Admission: VND 1,400,000 [approx USD 60]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

BlockFin Asia is a FinTech symposium that, for the first time in Vietnam, brings together regulators, banks, investors and technical experts to discuss the impact emerging technologies have on traditional banking, finance and legacy systems. Topics include:
  • The current state of Blockchain - Roger Ver, Bitcoin Investor
  • Distributed ledger success stories - Pavel Kravchenko, DistributedLab
  • Private distributed ledgers for improved efficiency - Jerry David Chan, Bittoku
  • Disrupting international transfer services - Anson Zeall, CoinPip
  • Wall Street technical analysis & Blockchain - Tone Vays, BraveNewCoin
  • Regulation hurdles to Blockchain - Nathan Lane, US State Department
  • Strategies to promote investment in FinTech - Hieu Vo, Dragon Capital
  • Payments: The impact of new technologies - David Watson, Future.Travel
  • On the frontier of change - Evelyn Hae, Coinplug
A selection of Roger Ver's investments:
  • Bitpay - Deposit bitcoin into your normal bank account
  • Ripple - Transact interbank without an intermediary
  • Blockchain - Make bitcoin safe, easy and secure
  • LuxStack - Premium bitcoin wallet
  • Kracken - Largest euro bitcoin exchnage
  • Purse - Largest marketplace for bitcoin
  • ShapeShift - Exchange between bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin etc