Bukit Tabur: Moderate to Hard

When: Sun, April 3, 7am – 5pm, 2016
Where: Bukit Tabur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 5 [for climbing permit]
Info: Event | Registration | LocationStreetview | Onsite

Scaling two Tabur Hills in one day, let's go for it! Tabur is not very high, but this hike won't be challenging for the elevation gain but because of the difficulty of the terrain and the need to climb rocks. On a few parts hands and legs are required for smooth climbing and there are even a few sections where ropes are installed to assist. Being fit is an absolute necessity!

Tabur West is characterised by a direct and steep climb of the quartz ridge. Along the way we have some beautiful lookout points and enjoying the view while relaxing for a while is highly recommended. The hike on the ridges has several ups and downs and on many occasions you will think you have reached the last peak. Wishful thinking however... This trail is longer and more difficult than Tabur East, which is scheduled for the afternoon.

[Register by 10am Friday, 1 April 2016. Participation subject to approval by the organizers. Meeting point will be provided to participants. Read event page for full details. Image: Alexander Diner / Dribble.]