WeChat: Mobile Marketing & Strategies

When: Sat, February 27, 1pm – 5pm, 2016
Where: Wisma WIM, Jalan Abang Haji Openg, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 50
Info: Register | Venue

WeChat [ Droid | iOS ] is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent. It is one of the largest standalone messaging apps by monthly active users.
  • Whatsapp 1000m
  • Messenger  800m
  • WeChat       650m
  • Snapchat    100m 
WeChat provides text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast messaging, video conferencing, video games, sharing of photographs and videos, and location sharing. It can exchange contacts with people nearby via Bluetooth, as well as providing various features for contacting people at random if desired.

Examples of WeChat marketing campaigns
  • Yves Saint Laurent - Get a lipstick recommendation based on your birthdate
  • Tiffany & Co - Share a love story with a photo and win gifts
  • Burberry - View a fashion show via WeChat
  • Mercedes Benz - Send wishes to the German football team and win gifts
  • Piaget - Compose a three-line poem for your loved ones

[The above is a WeChat mashup (Sources: WKERMTC) and does not necessarily reflect the content of the workshop. For the WIM workshop, participants will need to have a WeChat account, smartphone and mobile data. Trainer KC Liew is  a consultant with ISAAT. ]

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