Turning Award Winners: Intelligent Machines

When: Fri, January 22, 6pm – 8pm, 2016
Where: Auditorium, Level 2, School of Accountancy/Law, SMU, Singapore
Admission: Free
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The Turing Award is generally recognised as the highest distinction in computer science and the 'Nobel Prize of Computing'. A panel which includes two Turning Award winners will join us to present their views on 'Prospects for Intelligent Machines and Augmented Intelligence':
  • Richard Karp, Turing Award (1985), University of California, Berkeley
  • Leslie Valiant, Turing Award (2010), Harvard University 
  • Tan Geok Leng, Senior Fellow, A*STAR
  • Steven Miller, Vice Provost of Research, SMU (moderator)
This is a public outreach and education event by SMU for the general public. It is designed to be accessible for students, industry professionals, and members of community. This is also a partner event to Global Young Scientist Summit 2016. Registration closes on Friday, 15 January. Enquiries: sisseminar@smu.edu.sg. [Photo: Leslie Valient @ amturing.acm.org.]