MakerHive: Creating a Consumer Hardware Product from Scratch

When: Thu, January 21, 7pm – 9pm, 2016
Where: MakerHive, Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Map | Waze | Streetview | Inside

Lumos is the world’s first smart bicycle helmet with integrated lights, brake, and turn signals. Raising over USD 800k [asking: USD 125k]  on Kickstarter, Lumos is the highest crowd funded bike helmet campaign to date. Find out how they did it, where they are now, and how they plan on disrupting the bike helmet market. To RSVP send a email to:

Features of Lumos:
  • Lights integrated into the helmet for better visibility
  • Turn signals activated remotely from handlebar
  • Automatic brake lights using build-in accelerometer
  • Rechargeable battery using Micro USB
  • IN Eu-Wen Ding, CEO, Lumos Helmet
  • AL Jeff Chen, CTO, Lumos Helmet

MakerHive is a coworking space for designers and makers in Hong Kong. The Lumos Kickstarter video is after the jump below: