GIST: The Road to Silicon Valley

The GIST Tech-I Competition [ apply | closing: 22 Jan 2016 ] is an annual competition for science and technology entrepreneurs from emerging economies. Aspiring innovators submit their ideas and startups online in an application consisting of an executive summary and promotional video. Their applications are then reviewed by experts and voted on by the global voting public in order to determine the finalists.

Finalists receive a trip to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), this year in Silicon Valley, to showcase their ventures and to receive intensive training. GIST Tech-I winners, selected by experts at the GES, win prizes, and receive one-on-one mentorship and training.  [GIST=Global Innovation through Science and Technolgy. Top image: BravoTV/Wikipedia]

Past Winners
2011 CardioDiagnostics - Cardiac tele-monitoring (Lebanon)
2012 Tiket - Book flights, hotels, trains and attractions online (Indonesia)
2013 Kytabu - Lease e-textbooks at a fraction of the cost of buying (Kenya)
2014 Lumkani - Fire warning system (South Africa)
2015 GlucosAlarm - Measure glucose levels (Mexico)

Honourable Mentions (Malaysia)
2011 SecQme - In a security emergency, shake your phone
2012 Centsless - Get kids to influence the buying habits of parents
2013 Netizen - UX Testing

Other Roads to Silicon Valley
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Link MDeC GAIN: Global Acceleration and Innovation Network [2]
[1] Target: Starutps. Applications closed 12 Jan 2016. Enquiries:
[2] Target: Growth Stage MSC comapanies. Info: