IdeasCollider: Collision Convergence Combination

When: Tue, February 2, 2:00pm – 6:30pm, 2016
Where: The Digital Garage, 38 Armenian Street, Singapore
Admission: SGD 99
Info: Register | Map | Waze | Streetview | Inside

Aviva Digital Garage is a dedicated space where technical specialists, creative designers and commercial teams explore, develop and test new insurance ideas and services which make financial services more tailored and accessible for customers. The IdeasCollider! is a innovation mini-conference organized by iSuiteClub and TIN to facilitate Collision, Convergence & Combination. Topics include:
  • The Future of Insurance - Aviva
  • Frugal Innovations - Aridam Som, ex-Marketing Director, Unilever
  • The Circular Economy - Eugene Tay, Director, ZeroWasteSG
  • Entrepreneur, Intrapreneneur, Extrapreneur - Olivier Cornohan, CEO, Nessa
  • Indoor UAVs - Woon Junyong, CEO, Infinium Robotics
  • The Power of Content within Context - Grant Hunbor, Creative Director, Iris
  • Reimagining Learning - Balaji Ramanujam, CEO, Imagin8ors
  • Ride Share with Us - Terence Zou, Founder, Ryde

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