Turbocharge: Unicorn Dare

When: Tue, December 15, 3pm – 5pm, 2015
Where: Resource Centre, Technology Park Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
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[TPM Turbocharge Mini: Brand Awareness] Turbocharge Bootcamp has helped over 150 startup entrepreneurs since 2012 get their ventures to the next level.  Whether it’s at ideation (Half Blast Games, 2013), commercialisation (Evenesis, 2012; Qwork, 2013-2015), scale-up (Suncrox Solar, 2014-2015) or even to unicorn status (MyTeksi, 2012), Brand Geeks Inc has the pulse on startup branding like no other.

This introductory session will give you a sneak peak into their strategic approach to startup branding that can take your venture from noob to powner to unicorn! They will be sharing how their unique fusion of the Business Model Canvas, the Golden Circle, the “Syiok Sendiri Matrix" and the Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas has powered the branding of their Turbochargers.

As a bonus, speakers Silmyi Sadek and Manisah Sarujee from Brand Geeks Inc will also be sharing the 5 branding and marketing strategies used at the Web Summit 2015 and RISE Conference 2015 which they attended, as well as their 5 favourite branding and marketing technologies they discovered at these global events.