Sunday Afternoon: Makespace Music

When: Sat, December 12, 3pm – 6pm, 2015
Where: Makespace, Quill City Mall, KUL, MY
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue

Sunday afternoon is always a bogey period. It's after lunch, before dinner. We either take naps, watch TV or waste time online because there's nothing else to do. Well now there is! #326MAKESPACE, a collaboration between Pulse Soundworks and Fool on The Hill Records, is the pilot of a series of events showcasing musical talents in and around KL. Our acts for this Sunday:
  • Psytrus - Alternative 90’s, Psychedelic 60’s + the kitchen sink
  • Armon - Alternative Hip-Hop
  • No Tyra - Brit Pop, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Rock n Roll
  • The Endleaves - Indie Rock
Our aim is to bring people together to enjoy and appreciate music regardless of genre and which "scene" they belong to. No alcohol, no drugs, no racism. Just great music and great fun. Come on down, tune in and get high on music.

This Weekend
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