MyUberPitch: Top 5 Picks

[15 Dec 2015 11:50am, Kuala Lumpur] #MyUberPitch has announced its 15 finalists. Members of the public are invited to vote for their top three pitches. Calendata briefly went through the list of finalists and here are our top 5 6 picks: [Excuses, excuses: apologies for the typos, a challenge working off a smaller screen on the go.]

Start saving when young. Nadia Ismadi + Nazrin Hassan, CEO, Cradle

Turn convenience stores into parcel collection centres. Nicholas Chin + Choong Fuiyu, CEO, Kaodim

Waze + Uber-like driver rating for buses. Jacqualine How + Bryan Loo, CEO, Chatime

Take recreational football digital. Vas Ramanujam + Tan Sri Irwan Serigar, Chairman, MaGIC

Order food using an app  [no Tiger Garoupa surprise]. Andrew Koo + Leong Foong, GM, Uber MY

Add soft skills to tuition. Saravana Asogan + Jacob Yeoh, Deputy CEO, YTL