High Speed Railway: Fast Track to The Future

When: Fri, December 11, 10am – Tue, December 15, 8pm, 2015
Where: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free

China Railways is ready to show you the inner workings of one of the most advanced modes of land transport. Come and visit the China High-Speed Railway Showcase to see for yourself the world class engineering, manufacturing, construction, technical innovation, maintenance and training processes of the renowned China High-Speed Railway.

Just five years after China’s high-speed rail system opened, it expanded to carrying nearly twice as many passengers each month as the country’s domestic airline industry. With traffic growing 28 percent a year for the last several years, China’s high-speed rail network will soon handle more passengers than the 54 million people a month who board domestic flights in the United States.

A paper by the World Bank recently found cities connected to the high speed rail network are likely to experience a broad growth in worker productivity due to the companies finding themselves within a couple of hours train ride from tens of millions of potential customers, employees and rivals.

[Paragraphs 2-3 via SPAD and NYT. Image: DragoArt]