35 Startups from Asean and Beyond

November 2015 was the busiest month yet, event-wise, according to our calendar. But this seems to be at the expense of December, our dullest month yet.  So, to fill in the time, we shall do random posts on random topics. This post is about startups. We didn't pick them (except for Malaysia for which we could find no sources for lesser known startups - Producky is no more), they were picked by other judges and editors. Here they are, in no particular order, with the source in brackets.

Global Startup Champions [UP]
  • Caleche - A better Uber Updated
  • TactileEyesight - Use skin (tactile sense) as eyes
  • Liftsync - Connect dumbbells to smart devices
  • HouseHive - Home services: book it together with neighbours and save
  • Smart Case - Make the smartphone cover smarter by adding a button...

Hong Kong CoCoon Pitch Finals [CoCoon]  [1]
  • UmbrellaHere - The umbrella as a beacon, literally
  • Time Auction - Meet your mentor or idol by doing charity work
  • BeaconMaker - Beacon CMS [content that is activated by a bluetooth beacon]
  • Spacebox - On demand self storage
  • Klook - Discover trending places [meh]

Google Launchpad Accelerator Indonesia [Google]
  • Kakatu - Parental controls for smart devices
  • HarukaEdu - Help universities go online
  • SeTipe - Online matchmaking
  • Kurio - Smart news app
  • eFishery - Smart fish feeding technology

Funded Startups in Philippines [TIA
  • Paynamics - Transform cash economies into digital payment ones
  • Medix - Electronic medical records
  • Pouch - One place for your mobile payments, reward points, and e-tickets
  • PartyPhile - Discover parties and events
  • Lenddo - Use FB, IN, G+, TW, YH to prove identity and creditworthiness

AngelList Singapore [AL]

Startups Malaysia [Various]
  • Oddle - Online shop for restaurant cuisine
  • ZoomDining - Order your food before you reach the restaurant
  • TrustedCompany - Turn customers into salespeople
  • LinkedChat - Turn Telegram, Slack and Facebook into sales channels
  • LagiSatu - Hotel comparison

Top Thai Startups [BP] New
  • ClaimDi - Make a vehicle insurance claim within 15 minutes 
  • SociaGiver - Charity through shopping vouchers
  • ZmyHome - Buy and rent property without agents
  • Giztix - Marketplace for shipping
  • Skootar - Private postal service via scooters

[1: We have covered the 2015 finals, this is the 2014 finals which had a more interesting batch of startups. The umbrella is an essential gadget in rainy, pedestrian orientated cities like Hong Kong.]