Photomania & Travelmania 2015

When: Fri, October 9, 10am – Sun, October 11, 9pm, 2015
Where: Mid-Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Flyer | Map | Waze | Street | Inside

The Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) is the hottest and biggest imaging event in Malaysia and possibly Southeast Asia. As travel and photography always go hand-in-hand, the KLPF also include activities in the travel section. Each year photographers and travellers converge at the KLPF to attend the seminars from industry leaders, interact with experts, build new relationships, experience new products and win attractive prizes. Topics include:
  • Street Photography: The Art of Observation - Raja Indra Putra
  • People & Places: The Silent Flutters of Humanity - Nick Ng
  • Reconstruction of Paintings - Krzysztof Izdebski-Cruz
  • Seni Fotografi Aksi - Dr. Sharkawi Che Din
  • The Unknown - Andrialis Abdul Rahman
  • Biar Alam Berbicara - Shamsul Kamal Hj Zakaria
  • How I Conquer Fear Through Portraits - Shuhada Hasim
  • An Answer or a Question? - Steve Chong
  • Documentary Photography - Wang Chih-Hong
  • Architectural Photography - Fong Wui Syn
  • Travel Photography - Matchy Teoh
  • Nature & Wildlife Photography - Henry Goh
  • Trans-Siberian Rail - Kelvin Chan
  • Fashion Photography - Brian Fang
  • GoPro Bukan Sekadar Selfie - Jidin Giding