Kopi Chat: Dissecting Kickstarter

When: Fri, October 16, 4:00pm – 5:30pm, 2015
Where: NUS Enterprise, Blk71, Ayer Rajah Crescent, S'pore
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Map | Waze | Street | Inside

Charles Adler co-founded Kickstarter in 2009 and shaped it into the world’s largest marketplace dedicated to funding independent creative endeavours. Since it’s inception, Kickstarter has raised over USD 1 billion from over 6.4 million people for over 64,000 successful projects ranging from computer games to music albums, technology, fashion, educational projects and even full length feature films. In this exclusive edition of Kopi chat, join Charles Adler as he takes us through the stories, lessons and the thinking behind Kickstarter's architecture and design.

Calendata's Pick of Kickstarters (Asking / Pledged in USD)
  • Trunkster - Zipless luggage bag with GPS and USB charger (50k / 1.4m)
  • Phree - Input pen that writes on anything: table, glass, your hand (100k / 1m)
  • Kraftwerk - Charge your phone using lighter fluid! (500k / 1.5m)
  • TheMicro - First truly consumer 3D printer (50k / 3.4m!)
  • CHIP - World's first $9 computer (50k / 2m) [video below]