The Other Festival: Instant Noodle Poetry

When: Sat, Oct 24, 10:00am – Sun, Oct 25, 2:30pm, 2015
Where: Medan Selera Dato' Sagor, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Admission: Busker Priced
Info: Event | Map | Waze | Street | Inside | Poster

#GeraiPuisiSegera: Instant Noodle-Style Poetry. Give Liyana Dizzy three words, any three words, and within 5 to 20 minutes (distractions included), she will have an original poem typed out for you on her late grandfather’s trusty vintage Olympia typewriter. [Photo: IN]

Liyana describes #GeraiPuisiSegera as an off-stage poetry performance and herself as a busker; people are free to sit and watch her sweat blood. ‘Customers’ can pay any amount they wish, or even nothing at all. To date, she has written over 70 poems “of dubious quality”, but the idea is to explore ways that allow people to access poetry and assign value to it. This event is a part of The Other Festival 2015: Mapping The City.