Google Apps: Move Your Business Forward

When: Wed, October 21, 1pm – 2pm, 2015
Where: Online | Admission: Free | Info: Event

[How to move your business forward with Google Apps for Work] Learn how with Google Apps for Work, your business has the tools to keep customers and employees happy, bottom-lines at bay and operations efficient and safe.

Topics (with some abbreviations):
  • Google perspective: How to become a forward-thinking business
    - Rich Rao, Director, Google for Work
  • Politics aside: What your business can learn from the United States CIO
    - Tony Scott, Federal CIO, USA Government
  • Not your average product launch: How Salesforce empowers customers
    - Sarah Franklin, VP, Marketing & Lauren Grau, Developer Program, Salesforce
  • Woolworths' inside-out approach to better customer experiences
    - Ryan Fahy, CTO, Woolworths
  • Today's biggest economic trends and the ROI of Google Apps for Work
    - Sean McCormick, Snr Consultant, & Ted Schadler, Vice President, Forrester
  • Removing bottlenecks: How Concha y Toro maintains a fruitful business
    - Eduardo Guilisasti, CEO & Daniel Durán, CIO, Concha y Toro
  • Disrupting tradition: How invented a new retail model
    - Ning Li, Creative Director, Julien Callède, COO & Chloe Macintosh, CEO, Made
  • Create your life's work: How WeWork revolutionized the traditional office
    - Miguel McKelvey, Co­founder & David Fano, CTO, WeWork
  • An Alphabet and Google sit-down: What’s on the horizon?
    - Tony Fadell, CEO & Founder, Nest
  • Immerse yourself: Experience Google Apps for Work in action
    - Ajeet Mirwani, Program Manager, Google for Work