Global Startup Battle 2015

When: Fri, Nov 13, 6pm – Sun, Nov 15, 6pm
Where: Telekom Malaysia Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Registration not started yet
Info: Event | Twitter | Venue | Waze | Streetview | Inside

More than 250 Startup Weekends will take place between in November all over the world as part of Global Startup Battle. Join thousands of innovators from across the globe for the two most innovative weekends of the year.

You'll compete locally first, then against your region, then the world! You can also choose a themed Track that fits your team best to go after even more prizes and glory. Within 48 hours of your Startup Weekend ending, you will submit a 90 second video pitch. Then get ready to hustle for votes. A judging panel and votes will determine who moves on.

Choose one of these tracks:
Or play away from homeground and join the battle in:

GeorgetownCyberjaya , JohorBahru and Singapore are also hosting Startup Weekends from October to December. These cities are not listed as part of Global Startup Battle. Join them anyway if they fit your plans and schedule, or check with the organizers for more details. [Top image:  Jeff Bennett / Digital Splash Media]