Accelerator for Creatives Analytics & Technology

When: Fri, Oct 9, 12pm – Sun, Oct 11, 12pm, 2015
Where: Penang, Malaysia
Admission: Free

Hot on the heels of Selangor's launch if its Digital Creative Centre, Penang will be launching its Accelerator for Creative, Analytics & Technology (@CAT) this Saturday. @CAT is a a programme under InvestPenang aimed at helping emerging tech start-ups & entrepreneurs gain access to mentors, training, shared facilities, co-working spaces, professional assistance, and other value added services that will move them onto the fast track of success. Events over the weekend:
[In the post title, we use the word 'Creatives' instead of 'Creative' to make it easier to read. Below is the banner video of @CAT. It is not @CAT but design incubator Nova Iskra, winner of the Best Co-Working Space 2015, Serbia, from which @CAT could be taking design clues, or possibly partnering. Top image: Penang's signature fried rice noodles, from]