[ Snapshot ] Introduction to Audio Mixing

WHEN YOU REMIX THE 1 DOLLAR SONG AUNTY I've always been a fan of this aunty and her super catchy jingle. Would always hear her singing when I was on the way to school when I was younger! So here's a tribute. Rock on aunty! Do support her as well! Subscribe to my YouTube channel here for more music: https://www.youtube.com/fallensuperherosg Stay connected: https://instagram.com/fallensuperhero https://twitter.com/fallensuperhero https://soundcloud.com/fallensuperhero
Posted by Fallen Superhero on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A lady in a wheelchair sells paper napkins for SGD 1 by singing "Hello, one dollar, one dollar, please buy my one dollar tissue paper". Watch how the folks at FallenSuperHero remixed her tune into a catchy techno piece. The software they used seems to be FL Studio (around USD 200). It's like an Excel spreadsheet but where the columns represent time or beats and the rows are audio and musical instruments. You can try your hand in audio mixing by downloading Audacity, a free lower end alternative.