Archifest 2015: The Workspace of Tomorrow

When: Tue, September 29, 8am – 10am, 2015
Where: The Working Capitol, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Register | Venue | Streetview | Inside

A space has the power to inspire, incite creativity and increase productivity. More than a place to go to everyday, your work place - whether a school or office, can provide an experience; one that can largely be defined by design and technology but at the core of it all, by the people who occupy the space.

Hear from a carefully curated and interesting panel of strategists, design and tech experts as they discuss the future of our work places - who's driving the shift, what they're looking for and how we can stay ahead of the curve:
Workspace of Tomorrow is an event of Archifest 2015. Other festival highlights include two conversations on:
  • The Future of Instagram - Yafiq Yusman, Instagram Photographer
  • Imagination for the Future - Emi Honda, Architect, Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei
  • Feng Shui for Shrinking Spaces in Singapore - Alan Chong, Grad Student, NTU
  • The Amusement Park - Lorenzo Petrillo, Chief Crane Operator, Lopelab
  • Place Making Principles - Adib Jalal, Director, The Shophouse & Co 
  • Digital Networks & Architecture - Jonathan Choe, Editor, UrbanArchNow
  • Future Cities Laboratory - Prof Stephen Cairns, Principal Investigator, FCL
  • Snapshots of a City - Andreas Schlegel, Lecturer, LaSalle College
Register for the conversations here and here. [Interior view:]

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