Why Startups and Enterprises should Tango

When: Thu, September 3, 9am – 1pm, 2015
Where: Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore
Admission: Free [see note below]
Info: Event | Register | Venue | Streetview

[IBM Connect 2015: Start Up Xchange] This half-day event, by IBM in collaboration with Tech in Asia, intends to provide startups with tips on growth hacking. If you’re a founder looking at how you can scale your business quickly, this is the event for you. Topics include:
  • Growth Hacking: Shifu’s Secrets Revealed -Amit Anand, Partner, JungleVentures
  • Bootstrapping @ Speed - William Lim, Guru, SoftLayer
  • Why Startups and Large Enterprises should Tango - Tim Greisinger, MD, IBM
  • Force Multipliers: How to Power your Startup - Antonia Edmunds, IBM
  • Startup Clinic - Paul Santos, Managing Partner, Wavemaker
The event includes Pitch @ IBM Smartcamp and Learning @ Speed (experiment with IBM technologies). [This half day event is part of a 2 day C-Suite Executive Xchange (register here), It is intended for CEO, COO, CIO and funded entrepreneurs. Registration for both events are subject to confirmation by the organizers. Image: IBM Networking Services.]