Google Street View: The Kayak Edition

Google and Paddle For Nature teams up to publish Google Street View of the coastline of Malaysia. These images form a baseline visual record of flora, fauna, development and coastal conditions. First of its kind in the world for Street View, it is also the first Street View collection that circumnavigates a country's coastline using a trekker mounted on a kayak. [NST 29-Aug-2015].

[The project is still in progress and only stretches of the coastline have been recorded. Reports did not provide a navigation link for the coastline but some digging returned this starting point [updated] at Avani Gold Coast in Sepang. Rather than use this location, the pictorial below features Langkawi and Kuala Tahan. Click on each image for the corresponding Google Street View or Map.]

Langkawi is a cluster of 100+ islands in the Andaman Sea located in the Northwest of Malaysia.

Zooming into the southern island of Dayang Bunting of the Langkawi cluster using Satellite view

Within Dayang Bunting is a fresh water lake of the same name (the oval on the map)

Switch to 'Street View' to view the lake.

Move the point of view to the jetty further up at the western shoreline.

There is jungle path from the lake to the sea nearby.

At the pier and headed towards the Andaman Sea.

Besides coastal views, Street View also provides river views: Taman Negara National Park.

Street View goes deep upstream until the Lata Berkoh cascades (this pic is not the cascades)
All images under the copyright of Google..