The End of Lawyers?

When: Sat, July 11, 10:00am – 4:30pm, 2015
Where: Pusat Rakyat LoyarBuruk, A-3-8 Pantai Business Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free [lunch provided]
Info: Event | Venue | Streetview

In this two-part event, we will look at the flaws in the current legal industry and the impetus and ideas for the Collective of Applied Law and Legal Realism (CALR) and its 3Rs - Revolutionising Law, Radicalising Lawyers and Reshaping Education.

Part I
The team from BON Advocates and Marcus van Geyzel will discuss the conveyancing and corporate law practice as we know it, the oppressive structure of law firms and the abysmal quality of legal education - much of which is contributing to complaints about legal services. We will introduce our current pro bono projects to increase public access to justice through the CALR's 3Rs and exciting future plans. You will hear all about DIYLaw, the 'chambers model' and StreetLaw (GuamanJalanan). Expect a healthy debate!

Part II
Together with Lorraine Siew from Legal Hackers, we will be holding an open, interactive workshop to ideate the future of law. Participants will be split into three groups to generate and present ideas for each of the 3Rs under the CALR. There are no such things as bad ideas, so let your imagination run wild.The outcomes of the workshop will be incorporated into the CALR's future initiatives.

Topics include:
  • Spinning the Wheel - What's Wrong with Conveyancing & Corporate Law Work?
  • Industry Oppression - What's Wrong with Lawyers?
  • Law School Shutdown - What's Wrong with Legal Education?
  • 1st  R: Revolutionising Law - DIYLaw
  • 2nd R: Radicalising Lawyers - Envisioning the Lawyers We Ought to Be
  • 3rd R: Reshaping Education - StreetLaw & Educators' Toolkit
  • The End of Lawyers. The Future of Law
  • Ideating the Future of Law Workshop

[Photo: Calista Flockhart as lawyer Ally McBeal in the legal drama television series of the same name. From:]