Talking Heads: EcoWorld vs ChaTime

In this episode of BFM's Talking Heads aired on 29 June 2015, Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin, Chairman of Battersea Project and Eco World, is interviewed by Bryan Loo, CEO of Chatime Malaysia. Out of his normal environment, Bryan sounded like he wanted to go through a set list of questions initially but warmed up to his temporary media role as he went along. In any case, Liew Kee Sin managed to keep the conversation going. How did Liew Kee Sin convinced the Brits Battersea is legit? He kept his word. What was Bryan's secret sauce? He took his small home town team to conquer Klang Valley. Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin is chief judge for Alliance Bank Bizsmart SME Innovation Challenge 2015 (see below). [Photo: Liew Kee Sin (Forbes), Bryan Loo (BusinessInsider)]

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