Write, Perform and Produce Songs

When: Thu, June 11, 10:30am – Fri, June 12, 6:00pm, 2015
Where: International College of Music, Lorong Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
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This two-day exclusive  series of master classes, talks and open mic sessions will be led by the faculty from the Berklee College of Music (Berklee) and the International College of Music (ICOM). Admission is by invitation.

• Michael Farquharson, Prof, Writing & Production, Berklee
• Daryl Lowery, Professor, Ear Training, Berklee
• Nilesh Thomas, Senior Lecturer, Audio Engineering, ICOM
• Akihito Fuse, Head of Performance, ICOM
• Ali Aiman, Adjunct Lecturer, Piano, Composition, Sound Design and Studio Production, ICOM

 • Song Forms
• Melody-Harmony Relationships
• Groove Concepts
• Lyric Writing

Song Arrangement
• Instrumentation
• Arranging Techniques
• Sequencing
Music Performance
• Developing Musicianship
• Vocal/Instrumental Proficiency
• Rehearsing a Band
• Stage Presentation

Song Production
• Recording
• Mixing
• Exporting, Sharing