The Cooler Lumpur Festival: Dangerous Ideas

When: Fri, June 12, 9am – Sun, June 14, 5pm, 2015
Where: MAP @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Mostly Free
Info: Event | Sub-Events | Venue

Ideas shape us. Be they in literature or in song, in theatre or in film, by way of political ideology or philosophical inquiry. They give us the power and the means to overcome difficulty. Ideas allow us to create. Ideas allow us to break free from the status quo. Ideas are infinite and capable of spreading without limit. Great ideas are at the root of all human progress. Dangerous ideas change the world. Pick of sub-events:
  • Link Sarah Churchwell: The Great Gatsby Masterclass
  • Link Lindy West: Troll-Slayer
  • Link Kamil Othman: Where Is the Great Malaysian Movie?
  • Link No Fear: To Write, You Need Courage
  • Link What Would You Write About If You Weren’t Afraid?
  • Link Everything I Know In Life I Learned from Reading Science Fiction
  • Link Too Fast, Too Furious? The Pace of Journalism Today
  • Link Other People’s Stories: How to Work with People
  • Link The Future of Photo Journalism 
  • Link What Women Want? New
  • Link Does Poetry Still Matter? New 
  • Link Media Mingle: Tea, Coffee and Networking New
  • Link Tun Dr Mahathir: My Most Dangerous Idea  New
Some of the above events are part of Poskod Journalism Campus 2015 featuring conversations with journalists and editors. The Campus runs as a component of the Festival. ['Cooler' is a word play of 'Kuala']