LVL.UP KL: Disrupting Money

When: Wed, June 24, 7pm – 10pm, 2015
Where: Mindvalley A-29-12 UOA Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: By Donation
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What's a block chain? Is it too late to get into Bitcoins and Dogecoin? Can I buy MyBurgerLab burgers with it? Are banks still relevant? Is this the end of fiat money as we know it? In collaboration with, we bring you the dabblers, and prospectors of cryptocurrency to share with you their vision of a bankless future. Topics:
  • What is a Block Chain? - Adam Giles, CEO, Neuroware
  • Blockchains: Beyond Finance & Payment - Anson Zeall, CEO, CoinPip
  • Alternative Cryptocurrencies - TM Lee, Co-Founder, Coin Gecko
  • NuBank: Banking for the Unbanked - Tristan Gomez, Founder, HyperBank
No Q&A during the event. Post your questions to the speakers at the event page and they will be answered online. [Infographic:]

Malaysia-based establishments accepting Bitcoins include: GeekZen (Gadgets), Nasi Dagang (Restaurant), Nook (Workspace), Jeq (Bakery), Fast Quadrant (Pajak Gadai).