Keyword Research & Using Data for Decisions

When: Tue, June 16, 6:30pm – 8:30pm, 2015
Where: MaGIC, Cyberjaya. Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Register | Venue

No one will ever use your product if they cannot find your website, and performing successfully on Google is the easiest way to be discovered. You will learn much about global SEO keyword research and content marketing. Additionally, in order for a startup to successfully disrupt entrenched leaders, understanding your customer and research data is key. Data is crucial for any business and optimising them is crucial. Speaker Eli Schwartz is Director of Marketing, APAC for SurveyMonkey.

[Read: The Inside Story on How SurveyMonkey Cracked the International Market. Top montage: Elli Schwartz (LinkedIn), Thomas Gorissen (LinkedIn), Niket Desai (Flickr), Jonathan Greechan (Peatix)]

MaGIC Talks
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Link Jul  11  Founding Team & Advisors - Niket Desai, Chief of Staff, Flipkart
Link Jul  24  Mobile UX - Thomas Gorissen, Ambassador, JFDI
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MaGIC Workshops
Link Jun 27  Android Mobile Development - Sejuk Studio Sold Out
Link Jun 27  Ecommerce - Adrian Oh, Webshaper & CK Wong, EcommerceMilo
Link Jun 27  Product Management - Arzumy Md Yusof, Co-Founder, KFit
[The last two workshops, priced at MYR 150, will be held in 6 sessions over 3 months, once every fortnight on Saturdays. Worth consideration, based on speakers' experience, content and friendly pricing.]