Unlikely Yoda: Music Movies Tech Food & Google I/O

When: Thu, May 28, 6pm – 10pm, 2015 [Google I/O Extended: 10:30pm - 2am]
Where: Centrus, Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: EventRegister | Venue

For the first time ever in Malaysia, a festival to re-discover your passions, learn about the latest trends in the independent music, movie & food industry, explore the latest technology and meet Malaysia's biggest influencers. We have 5 tracks covering movies, music, technology, coffee, cooking and Google.

We also have lots of food trucks and food sellers from all over Malaysia coming to Cyberjaya to satisfy your gastronomical needs. We hope to see you guys!. [The event shows promise and ambition though the event and registration pages need wading through. For movies, register here, coffee here, music read here. Technology and Google I/O are presumably via the main registration page. The organizer is newbie Rice Bowl Media.]

  1. Movies: 15 Youtube video makers present their secrets of making a good video
  2. Music: Artists from rock, hiphop, acoustic, country & EDM perform their best songs
  3. Technology: The latest innovations: 3D pens, wearables, big data, greentech etc
  4. Coffee: Explore the world of coffee & bakeries with experts teaching you how to do it
  5. Google I/O 2015 Extended: Streamed live