Putrajaya Youth Festival 2015 #FBP2015

When: Fri, May 22, 10am – Sun, May 24, 10pm
Where: Dataran Gemilang, Presint 4, Putrajaya
Admission: Free
Info: Event | FBVenue | Travel

Festival Belia Putrajaya 2015's theme is all about Showcase of Talent, which coincides with Rakan Muda's new philosophy to facilitate talent development for the youth. This year also marks the exciting beginning of Festival Belia being fully run by Rakan Muda. To kick things up for you, we have some of Malaysia's best talents being featured as Rakan Muda Mentors. Activities and workshops include:
  • Expose! PhotoCamp: The art of photography
  • Young Writers Workshop - Creative writing with Bernice Chauly
  • Wau & Gasing Workshop - Gasing Master Rimy Azizi & Kalimullah
  • OneSilat -  Non-stop full-contact fights
  • Lee Wushu - Swordsman and blade become one  
  • Escape Room - Teams will be locked in a room...
  • Biz Valley - Showcase your brand
  • Khat Calligraphy - Islamic calligraphy
  • Mobile Photography 101 -  Explore mobile photography
  • Crime Scene Investigation - Forensic techniques
  • Parkour - Have a flipping good time