World Halal Summit 2015

When: Wed, Apr 1, 9:am – Fri, April 3, 6pm
Where: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Admission: USD 400 [Subsidized by sponsors]
Info: Event | Venue

The World Halal Summit 2015 (WHS) is an amalgamation of an international exposition and six conferences with a single aim – to harness the full potential of Halal within a globalised environment. WHS will feature the world’s largest integrated Halal food and beverage trade fair,as well as six subject-focused forums that are set to be intensive and empowering dialogues with influential speakers to map out future global Halal developments:
  • Link World Halal Conference (WHS 2015)
  • Link International Halal Showcase (MIHAS 2015)
  • Link Scholars Forum
  • Link Business Forum
  • Link Certifiers Forum
  • Link Academic Forum
  • Link Certification Convention
Conference, forums and pocket talk topics include:
  • The Need for Ethics in Global Commerce
  • Food and Agriculture Investment Opportunities in OIC Countries
  • USD 145 Billion: The Halal-Friendly Travel Sector
  • Halal eCommerce: 2015’s Largest Global Business Opportunity
  • Digital Marketing in Muslim Lifestyle Markets
  • International Accreditation Schemes for Halal Certification Bodies
  • Challenges and Revolution of Halal Ingredients
  • Online Training as a Revenue Model for Academic Institutions
  • Bridging and Integrating the Halal Value Chain
  • How to Participate in Aeon and Tesco Supply Chains
[WHS 2015 has started. To participate, try walk-in registration.]